New Features Since Version 2

Generate customizable PDF reports

Create a summary of your bottom line, your budget details, and balance forecasts all in one PDF document that you can export. 

Calendar forecast view

Version 2.1 adds the option to view your balance forecast with a monthly calendar perspective.   The new calendar view displays your predicted balance for each day on a monthly calendar, and touching a date on the calendar will show that day’s scheduled transactions. 

Calendar App integration

Need a reminder for when your major bills are due?  Now you have the option to sync any of your recurring budget entries with your device’s calendar app.  

Budget Boss version 2.3 now available

Budget Boss is new and improved!   Check out the new features introduced in version 2.3.

New Features in Version 2.3

Add exceptions to your budget model

Modeling your budget just got a lot more flexible.  Per user request, Budget Boss now gives you the option to set exceptions to your recurring schedules.  Easily cancel or modify any individual transaction without interfering with the rest of an element’s recurring schedule.  This gives you nearly unlimited control over how you build your budget model.

Quick balance forecast on Apple Watch

Budget Boss v2.3 introduces functionality on Apple Watch.  The watch displays a 2-week balance forecast and details the upcoming transactions. 

Budget boss