Budget boss

Powerful visualizations give you a complete picture of your finances

Balance prediction graphs, monthly calendar views, and pie graph summaries let you to quickly analyze your bottom line.

Create PDF reports of your budget plan

Easily generate customizable reports that can be stored in the app or exported

Calendar app integration

Budget entries can be synced with your device's calendar for creating bill reminders 

Track how well you are following your budget

Budget Boss uses your budget model to predict your balance each day. Manual adjustments to your balance can be made at any time whenever you stray from your budget. These adjustments are saved to help you track how well you are following your budget or to identify any expenses your forgot about.

Additional Features

Credit card payment and savings calculators
iCloud data backup

Password lock option
Export data to Excel
Currency based on your device's region settings
Translated in English, French, German & Spanish

Budget planning

for iPhone and iPad

Budget Boss automatically predicts your balance and graphs it up to 2 years into the future.  The cash-flow visualizations are useful for short-term balance predictions, and the long-term trends help with budget planning and setting savings goals.​